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What we do

Cartilage defects in the knee can impair both function and quality of life of patients dramatically. Unfortunately, current treatment options fail to render adequate and long-term results. It is our mission to come up with a solution for these patients. A solution which really makes a difference!

Currently, JointSphere is developing a novel, first in class medical device which combines proven implant technology with advanced biosciences: the JS001 plug.

Implanted in the knee at the site of the cartilage defect, the JS001 plug regenerates and replaces the damaged articular cartilage, thereby fully restoring the cartilage lining of the joints. The functionality of the JS001 plug, which is comparable to articular cartilage, promises not only a favorable but also a long-term treatment effect.

The development of the JS001 plug is being conducted in close collaboration with renowned scientists, academic centers and carefully selected industrial partners. The JS001 plug is not available for patients yet.